About Dr. Paula

Speaker, life strategist, educator, and musician, Dr. Paula Grissom-Broughton, affectionately known as Dr. Paula, is the founder and lead coach of P.A. Grissom & Associates, LLC, a professional, boutique development firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

A highly demanded motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, Dr. Paula received her coaching certification from The CaPP (Coaching and Positive Psychology) Institute and the Valerie Burton Coaching Program, which is approved through the International Coaching Federation. Her diverse clientele is comprised of executives, entrepreneurs, people of the arts, and faith-based leaders & organizations.

Dr. Paula has a long profound desire to assist people, and an innate ability to inspire success in others. A multi-faceted musician and lover of all arts, Dr. Paula has a passion for helping her clients tap into their creative potential as a vehicle for discovering their inner desires, goals, and ultimately, their purposeful existence.

An active pianist and college professor, Dr. Paula received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Spelman College and her Masters Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Northwestern University. She later received her Doctorate of Musical Arts from Boston University where her research interest focused on the theory of teaching and learning that promotes respecting each other’s differences, validating one’s unique experiences, and empowering individuals to accomplish their goals.

Drawing upon this philosophy of respect and empowerment, Dr. Paula has combined her teaching and learning research along with over 20 years of experience as an educator to engage her clients in transformative methods of creating the life they desire. Dr. Paula now focuses on empowering her clients through her platform, New Thinking New Power, which transforms individuals into becoming change agents in their personal and professional lives.

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