How many languages can you speak? I recently read that speaking a new language is a sign of respect and has the potential to open doors in the future. Although this article referenced learning a language of a particular country and/or culture, the same is true for how we speak about ourselves.

Let me explain…

Auto-suggestion is a subconscious adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, often through repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change a particular behavior.

Simply put, it’s speaking (hopefully positively) to yourself about yourself.

Whether you believe it or not, most people actually speak negatively to themselves about themselves. How many times have you said something like the following:

“I’m fat!”

“Diets don’t work for me.”

“My job sucks!”

“I’m always juggling bills.”

“I’ll never get the house I want.”

“I’ll never have the relationship I want.”

“This is just how life is.”

Don’t you realize that your words have power? The language that you use has power to open doors to true abundance, and I believe that you can change the trajectory of your life by simply shifting your language.

Let’s practice auto-suggestions:

Instead of saying,

I’m always struggling to pay bills.                          

Start saying,

I am learning ways to manage my resources so I can live in financial abundance.

Instead of saying,

I’m not smart enough to start my own business.

Try saying:

I am learning and gaining all the tools I need to start my own business.

Until you get the hang of naturally using the auto-suggestion technique, try writing down 5-7 auto-suggestions, and say them in the morning after you wake up, and right before you go to sleep at night. You may even want to right out 5-7 auto-suggestion statements, place them on sticky notes around your house, and say them whenever you pass one. I’ve even recorded myself speaking my auto-suggestions.

You see, that article was correct. Learning a new language can open doors to your future.

So, what language do you speak when you talk to yourself? If it’s not the language that speaks into the destiny of your authentic self, learn a new language.