Have you ever been asked, “Are you a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty person?” We’re often told that optimists are those who see the glasses half-full, and pessimists…Well, you get the picture.

I remember asking one of my clients the “glass half-full” question in a coaching session, and he gave me a simple answer that I’d never forget. After shifting in his seat as though I offended him by the “glass half-full” question, he gave me a baffled look and told me, “Well, I’d rather have a glass half-empty if there’s something in the glass that I don’t want in the first place!”

I learned a valuable lesson from his response. Being optimistic has little to do with the level of contents in a glass, but how you’re able to look beyond whatever is in that glass.

So, how can you practice this kind of optimism? You know the drill… Here are your three actions steps:

  1. Use your power!

    Yes, that’s right. You have power! The Power of Perception. How do you “see” your challenges and obstacles? Maybe they are NOT your adversaries, but your advantages. Most successful people view challenges as trampolines to catapult them to their next level. So take your shoes off and start jumping!

  2. Choose hope.

    Everything that has happened in your life was the result of a thought following by choice; a choice followed by an action.  Whether you decide to give up, or keep pursuing your dreams, the choice is yours. Why not choose hope? Hope is the one attribute that allows you to try and try again, after you’ve fallen down time and time again. By choosing hope, you strengthen your level of resilience. And resilience only comes from the consistency of working through obstacles.

  3. Dare to dream big!

    Optimists are known for being fearless dreamers. They are able to reach their goals because they are not stumped by limited possibilities. Big dreamers are also prepared risk-takers. The bigger the dream, the bigger risks you may have to take. Dreaming big compels and propels you to plateaus of unforeseen opportunities that you probably never knew existed. So, what do you have to lose? Dream big?