Have you ever felt “stuck”? You know, that feeling of stagnation, inactivity, and unproductiveness?  I mean, you’ve clarified your goals and created a game plan for execution, but something doesn’t feel quite right; and this feeling of dormancy often results in feelings of frustration, annoyance, and ultimately unhappiness.

Well, there’s good news!  Practice GRATITUDE!!!   You know… thankfulness!  Gratitude is actually your antidote for those unhappy, hopeless feelings that often    Not sure how to practice gratitude?  Well, I have three simple action-steps that can easily put you back on track to reaching your authentic happy and successful self.

Let’s practice.

(And remember, nothing is too big, or too small to show gratitude for.)

  1. Show gratitude for something that has happened in your past.

    For example, you would say something like:

    • “I am grateful for the time I spent with my sister last week.”
    • “I am grateful for the lunch I was able to share with a co-worker yesterday.
    • “I’m grateful for completing
  1. Next, show gratitude for something that is currently taking place.

    For example, you would probably say:

    • “I am grateful for the class I’m taking on financial literacy.”
    • “I am grateful for getting to work on time 2 days in a row!”
    • “I’m grateful for drinking more water everyday.”
  1. Show gratitude for something that has not happened yet; but show gratitude as though it has already happened.

  • “I am grateful for my pay raise/promotion.”
  • “I am grateful for living a healthier lifestyle.”
  • “I’m grateful for managing my finances better.”

Practicing gratitude produces hope, powers our present, and creates resilience.

So, the next time you feel like you’re in a rut on your road to happiness and success, take a moment and practice gratitude.  You will find the peace of mind that ultimately brings you happiness and success.